Monday, March 12, 2012

happy first anniversary husband!

dear husband..

nothing much i can say to u.. no word can describe how grateful i am to have u in my life.. our path may not be as easy as others but to have u besides me every single tick.. every single up and down.. makes me the most luckiest woman in this world because.. u're the greatest gift in my life.. u makes me a better person..

dear husband..

i love u wholeheartedly.. =')

more and more pictures and stories to come.. so, stay tuned =p


whooz said...

happy anniversary!

cik siska ^_^ said...

salam kak. Sy yg ade tgur akk kat Secret resepi batu caves. Wah,,,,g holiday yek...ape fb akk eh? nak add la. :)