Saturday, November 7, 2009

hu hu hu

you will know when u are really depend on that someone - when that someone suddenly got something to do and cant make up his promises to accompany you, you just don't feel to find other person to replace him. what u do is just cancel the plan because u just feel that plan is ain't work if he is not around.

RR and me plan to watch movie tomorrow. when suddenly he text me just now to inform that he had to rush back to his hometown cos his grandfather was admitted to ICU.

he said sorry for not make up his promises to me but hey,that's ur tok right? u don't have to say sorry. just go back to your hometown. I pray ur tok will do well..

and I will do well too.. even without u here by my side.. today..


i love u RR.. and I miss u too..

p/s: there is a time when I like to think in english.. even though my wordddd is very bad. so forgive me for my baddd english. hehehe.


ije said...

waa.. so sweet la kak muni. damn great!

ije said...

eyh.. tetibe terfikir yg komen kat atas tu boleh disalah ertikan.. hmm..

maksudnya sweet nya RR ada MW =P as his gf.. memahami dan tak ngada2 tendang kaki sebab xdpt tgk movie sama. =)

mun-e said...

hehe. ije pon sweet jgk sebab siap bagi penerangan tuuu hehe

memahami dan tak ngada2 tendang kaki sebab xdpt tgk movie sama??

haha. ikut reason kot.. kalo reason die tak munasabah, bukan tendang kaki. tp tendang si RR tu

oppps ;p